Last night Madeline, Brit, and I worked till 4am (and Casey hung out with us till 1 or 2am). We got so much done! Tunnel Vision is going to have some RAD vintage renewed pieces going up soon, and some of Bad Vibes will be available for pre-ordering.

These photos were taken at the studio by Casey a few days ago:

 dress, vest, boots - vintage

 Isn't this dress rad? Brit gave it to me because she is the best human being ever.

Have a good week!!



bravegrrl said...

it looks beautiful. i miss you. and your radness. thanks for being you. wish i was diying with y'all. xoxo

Angelina said...

fuuuuu' you look so cool. like always. obviously. because you're cool.

i'm psyched for your cool shit to be uploaded to TV soon. i check the listings all the time. that's kind of creepy and weird??? whatevs. cool.

Allison said...

I'm obsessed with that dress! You wear it fabulously.

Jessica W said...

Blaaaaaaah it's too rad. I want it!

The Lovelorn

Larissa Blintz said...

that dress is PERFECT. lol me too Angelina i always check the tv website for new things several times a week.. not ashamed tho.. heh.

Jade-bianca Void said...


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nicola said...

you look BEAUT. i am so excited for all this tunnel vision goodness. i cant WAIT to see bad vibes tingz eeee guaranteed i will be pre-ordering some shiz <3

Justalazymorning said...

so cute!

Rebecca said...

It really is cool, but the waistcoat type dealio is also amazing!

Coco Layne said...

You are so babely. Diggin the mix of prints!



Halie said...

So good.