- Hello Earthlings - 

Did you ever thing Earth should be capitalized? I remember writing it as "earth" and then also as "Earth" and one of my elementary teachers got mad at me because 1. I was inconsistent with if I capitalized it or not, and 2. because it is not supposed to have a capital E. 

Isn't it weird the random childhood memories that stick in your mind? Super bizarre. Not sure why I shared that with you.

The other night I played Sex in the City (carrie bradshaw style) with Rachel and Seaghna. We went to Trader Joes and climbed a hill. It was good times. 

what I am wearing:
top/dress/thing - thrifted
socks & shoes - Ebay
floral crown - Etsy

They are the BEST! Seriously. Sometimes I cannot handle it. I have the best friends ever. YAY LIFE!

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rachel//arielle said...

remember that part about how you are the best?

bravegrrl said...

love love the bright pretty hippie grungy princess thing you got goin on... my favorite is the socks&boots! yum!

you grrLs are the best... miss'n ya xoxo

Angelina said...

holy SHIZ these photos are cry-worthy I swear what the hell. The clothing and the people and ALL OF IT. Your hair and Isabel's dress are so. fokin. cool. WHAT EVEN.

Angelina said...

jeez i must have been tired when i wrote this. for some odd reason i was convinced this post was on seaghna's blog. wow. that's awkward. YOUR DRESS MAKES MY LIFE.

katieanne said...

yeesh. the babe-liness of you beauties is out of control.

Constance said...

Love LOVE these pictures!

Blake Jacobsen said...

I wanna do freaky shit with Seaghna's hair.

(rub it against my face, mostly)

Magnet said...

I'm so envious of this awesome LA cool blogger girl group all you ladies have going on. Why can't that exist in Melbourne? makes me sad.

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mmmm mami get @ me

(directed at all of you)

Izumi Bogen said...


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Nico said...

haha you seem to be at a very nice place right now dear!


Selena said...

1.15 hours is too far to live from you all. period.

p.s. i laik to rub ma dick on expen$iv $hit

Zoƫ Kate said...

ACCCKKKK. You gals are so coooooooool. Can't even handle. So much love.