Worst Post Ever

hi. short blog post right now.. I am making this post and watching The Real L Word. Ooooo reality tv shows.. how I love you. 

Here I am on the moon, no big deal..

 top - thrift
boots - DIY and thrift
leggings - MIRACLE EYE!

Aren't these leggings DA BOMB?! yeah they are. Also I am DYING for these leggings too. DID YOU NOTICE THAT THIS SHIRT SAYS ALPHA MALE? lolzzzzz. I know you want it. I know you do. but you can't have it. SORRY. not. 



ps sorry this post is super lame.


rachel//arielle said...

ummm this can't be the worst post ever, since the ALPHA MALE shirt is in it. and miracle eye. FUCK dude, awesome. always. like how i'm commenting a second after you posted this? YAY life.

Larissa Blintz said...

This isn't the worst post ever!!!! BEING ON THE MOON WITH YOU WAS SO MUCH FUN

Madeline Wainscott said...

Worst post ever.. Except NOT. I think I love you.



Jenn said...

you look awesome <3 and I loved this post!

The Melting Pot said...

I Love lame posts! And you are an awesome person. Never change please :)

Taylor said...

Those leggings, actually this whole outfit, is magic :O <3

kelsey Jones said...

Soooo not the worst blog post because it has my favorite boots in it! Every time I see you wearing those boots I get so happy they are so fun! And the shirt yes I want it and if I were you I would never get ride of it lol and I so want ALL of the leggings from Miracle Eye they are all amazing!!!

Manda Rave said...

I looove those leggings, and your boots :)
Hope you had fun on the Moon xD

Poppy said...

those leggings are the bomb!! hope you'll follow my new tumblr www.rad-apparel.tumblr.com xx

MADELINE said...

Lurrrrrve dis!

alexys oliver said...

that shirt will be mine.
love ya. not.

alexys oliver said...

okay. i do. (love ya) i mean...you are pretty major.

SafiyaMarie said...

That shirt is just insanely awesome!


Selena said...

it was fun going to the m0000n with you mah blahd. how can this be the worst post ever i youre wearing the best pants and shirt ever? ah lahv eet.