Blogger Crush: Susanna of Sus Exterior

As we are heading into a little cooler weather I am trying to find some inspo from my favorite bloggers for layering and outerwear. One blogger who I find particularly amazing at layering and making warmer *fashion* look awesome is Susanna of Sus Exterior.

Here are some of my favorite looks of hers:

Isn't she the CUTEST?! I love her changing hair colors (duh) and her clothes are PERFECTLY PUT TOGETHER.

Check out Susanna:



Not So Lil Rainbow

Sometimes when you get out of the blogging groove for just one day it turns into a few weeks. So, here I am, again, posting pictures that were taken months ago. Whoops!

This outfit is almost 100% rainbow which means A+ for me. I got this bucket hat from an old hippie couple who were vending their tie dyed goods at an outdoor market/festival in Marfa, TX. Live music, happy families, barbecues going, cowboys walking around.. it was a good West Texas night. 

outfit details
bucket hat - flea market in Marfa, TX (similar here)
purple choker - vintage (similar here)
tie dye bell bottoms - Miracle Eye (special order from here)
timberland platforms - Volatile 
eye clutch - Inu Inu

I continue to source amazing clothes for Tunnel Vision daily, and I will be marking down some products to allow space for new items. Make sure to keep checking back for both new arrivals and sale items! If you ever are wanting one of my items from Tunnel Vision but it is too expensive, email me and I'll see if I can give you some sort of discount! 

Take care and have a nice Tuesday!!



Long time no post! 

I was in New Mexico for about a week and then in LA for a little over a week!! It was such a fun time. In New Mexico I spent time with my parents and my boyfriend's family. While in LA I stayed with my best friend, Madeline, and I saw a few of my friends! 

In New Mexico, my boyfriend, Austin, and I stayed in an adorable little camper ( I wish I had taken pictures because it was decorated super cute-ly). We were in Abiquiu; which is a small town in Northern New Mexico (where Georgia O'Keeffe lived). We had campfires, hiked, hung out with old friends, spent time with family, swam in the Abiquiu Lake, and visited Albuquerque. 

Austin and I drove to Los Angeles from Abiquiu, which took us two days. (I should say Austin drove and I sat in the passenger seat..) The first few days we were in LA I was really exhausted (either from all the travel or from heat exhaustion :-/ ), so we stayed in and didn't do too much. It was nice to start our LA visit slowly, but once we left I wished we had had more time in LA so I could have seen more people. While there, I did a few photo shoots, ate tons of delicious vegan food, and saw friends. I had so much fuunnn and was really bummed to have to come home. BUT I am hoping to be able to visit LA again soon.

top - c/o Deep Antiquity
pants - 24 HRS from Tunnel Vision
bag - c/o Inu Inu
boots - Volatile

Ummm, this bag? this top? Totally love these two items. The top is from Deep Antiquity which is a rad clothing company based out of Miami, FL. The eye bag/clutch is from Inu Inu - this shop has so many CUTE items up for sale right now.. ugh. Love. 

These are the only pair of jeans that I wear, they are super stretchy and feel like leggings which is a big plus since a requirement of my clothing is that I can fall asleep easily in them. Right? Like, we should all be able to be comfortable and fall asleep at the drop of a hat. (Well, that's at least MY opinion...). These platform boots are made by Volatile, but I think you can only purchase them on eBay now. They are one of my favorite pairs of shoes, cuz they are comfy as heck and platforms with a bit of height. INTO IT. I've had these babies for over three years?! Woah. Long shoe relationship there.

I hope you have a good weekend, I will be heading up north for a family reunion! (Wow, how Minnesotan can I be? Going "up north" that is like the most Minnesotan sentence.. I wish you all could hear my accent right now. "OOooOh yah, goin' up north, dontcha knoooow?") (Probably if you don't know anything about Minnesotan accents you are really confused right now. Sorry. Look it up, listen to Sarah Palin, or something...)

Take Care!