On the road again..

I am writing this post on my phone in some town in Iowa. I'm on a road trip to New Mexico with my parents right now. We will meet my boyfriend and his whole family in Northern New Mexico! We will be in New Mexico for a few days, and then my boyfriend and I are going to drive to LA! Yayyyyy.

Tie dye on tie dye has become a go-to for me lately.. (for instance I am currently wearing tie dye bellbottoms, a tie dye cropped tank, and the tie dye kimono jacket that is pictures below)

daisy choker - Marina Fini from Tunnel Vision
dress & kimono - etsy
platforms - Y.R.U. from Dolls Kill

I hope you have an enjoyable weekend!! I am really looking forward to taking lots of pictures on this trip! Take care.




I am always on the lookout for awesome shops - the kind of shop that fits with my worldviews. You know, rad/ girl run/ girl owned/ vintage/ DIY/ small business-y types. 

I recently found the blog/web shop combo: Avid Noise. Avid Noise is a "collection of vintage clothing inspired by the most influential and iconic women in rock". Right off the bat I am obviously into it. A vintage store based off of totally empowering badass women?! Genius.

As I delved deeper into the Avid Noise page I just became more and more excited. There are "collections" that are based off of famous rock ladies; The Courtney Collection, The Siouxie Collection, for example. The collections all have their very own vintage wardrobe according to who their rock legend is. Each collection is inspired and inspiring.

Who couldn't get down with this creative shop? Seriously. On top of the genius idea for a vintage shop the owner, Izzi Krombholz, musician herself, runs the blog "Women in Rock". Women in Rock goes hand in hand with Izzi's shop Avid Noise. She's been blogging on Women in Rock since 2012, and has features like "Songs of the Week", "Concert Reviews", and "Artist Spotlights". Izzi features famous rock goddesses and also lesser known musicians; all of them being rad as hell women.

Here is a small selection of some of my top favorite items from Avid Noise:


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Three cheers for creative, badass women empowering vintage shops!!
♥ ♥